Project Description

Conserving energy, carrying possibilities.

New interior and exterior LED lighting throughout City facilities and streets is raising the bar in Ontario. Light-emitting diode (LED) technology uses as much as 80% less energy than fluorescent lights. This is because fluorescent lights take minutes to fully power, emitting heat in the process. Ontario’s new interior LED lighting, on the other hand, powers on in an instant using as little energy as possible. They also don’t release heat that creates more work for air conditioners to work against. The City paired smart controls with this LED lighting, automatically turning lights on and off as rooms become occupied and unoccupied, and ultimately, reducing runtime.

Meanwhile, exterior LED lighting makes Ontario parks safer thanks to better visibility. Now everyone can enjoy them and recreation opportunities late into the evening. Fun fact: The exterior LED lighting being deployed to City facilities and parks is proven to deter crime.

Lastly, LED lights last longer than the outdated light technologies being replaced. As a result, Ontario will spend fewer taxpayer dollars not just on energy, but also on bulbs and maintenance. Learn more about Smart Ontario Projects

ontario convention center at night